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Isis Ishtar [userpic]

.:☥ sophiaacademy Plot Post ☥:.

August 16th, 2011 (12:32 am)

Have a thread/plot/etc idea you'd like to play out with Isis?

Want her to get a Moira vision of what your characters are up to?

Feel free to poke me here! She'll never have a vision of others without their muns' consent, so alternatively, if you'd like her to never have a vision of your character, let me know that too. <3

Isis Ishtar [userpic]

.:☥ sophiaacademy Application ☥:.

August 6th, 2011 (10:13 pm)

Name: Fetchie
Personal Journal: made_in_wonder
Contact: fetchie88 @ aim
Current characters: Nada~

Name: Isis Ishtar
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Role: Student, 9th grade

details withinCollapse )

Isis Ishtar [userpic]

.:☥ 2nd Vision ☥:.

April 5th, 2011 (05:22 pm)

[Isis is sitting in a corner of the lounge cart, keeping to herself and debating where to go from here. She'd been flattered and a bit surprised to hear she'd won the singing competition, especially with so little preparation (but is pleased for Alphonse's sake).

Yet if her actions had somehow garnered ill will from her fellow passengers, or worse, from the Conductor....it's not like her to try and outsmart authority upon meeting them. Why had she....?

And atop everything else....but that's so insignificant! Still....it's enough to make her think of home....

Long story short, sadfacing it up in this corner. :(]

[[Fun fact: it's her birthday today~ <3]]

Isis Ishtar [userpic]

.:☥ 1st Vision ☥:.

March 20th, 2011 (02:29 pm)

[Figuring it's best to acclimate herself to her new surroundings as quickly as possible (and perhaps thereby determine where she's been taken, and to what end), Isis is wandering through the train.

She's currently standing in the cooking station, taking in just how far modern food preparation has come - her family's made some concessions to present life, like bound books and some gas-powered lamps, but....]

- This must only be temporary. Our fates couldn't have altered to this extent.

Isis Ishtar [userpic]

.:☥ valkyrieexpress Application ☥:.

March 16th, 2011 (12:00 am)

.:☥ Personality Sketch ☥:. Serene, fatalistic, selfless

.:☥ Talents ☥:. At age 15, Isis doesn’t have any special powers yet. She is, however, fluent in a dead language (as her...native tongue....) and shoulders the responsibilities of a full-grown adult, so she’s quite capable of assuming a leadership position to best complete a task.

Extremely knowledgeable about ancient Egypt, especially as concerns its myths and legends. Is totally open to the existence of magic. Limited contact with the modern world has left her only understanding a handful of modern appliances and conveniences, however (least of all things like a yellow train) - and that handful stems from the early 90s. She’s calm by nature, but will likely be left speechless by quite a lot. Having a very rigid, very fate-driven view of the world won’t help, either.

.:☥ History ☥:. Isis Ishtar grew up in a hole in the ground.

No, really.

Isis is the first child born to the Ishtars, the head family of a cult of “tombkeepers” secretly living underground in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Since the age of the Pharaohs, the family’s sworn duty has been to await the return of a particular Pharaoh, whose name has been erased from history, so they may guide him in reclaiming his lost memories and saving the world from an evil god. To this end, they guard two of the seven Millennium Items, magical artifacts whose powers the Pharaoh shall require to fulfill his fate, and also possess secret knowledge about the method the Pharaoh must use to retrieve his memory. This latter secret is carved, as scars, onto the backs of the eldest son of the Ishtar family every generation upon his tenth birthday.

Isis, as a woman, has been spared this fate. Her little brother Malik, for whom upon the death of their mother she becomes the only female authority figure, is not so fortunate.

Isis frets over her younger brother’s restlessness; he grows increasingly dissatisfied with life under the ground, serving an unknown king and forbidden to leave the tomb. As a young woman, Isis is indeed allowed to visit the closest town (presumably for supply runs - it’s left unclear), yet accepts that her fate is absolute, as is everyone else’s. She feels for Malik, however, and is in the process of being worn down: one day soon, her manipulative little brother will convince her to take him to the surface, too. If only she didn’t have an awful feeling this means going against fate, and if only their father were a less rigid, unforgiving man.....

Because of her upbringing, both circumstantially and ideologically, Isis holds rather firm beliefs about the structure of the world (though those beliefs are tested through her sympathy and love for Malik, which her little brother has grown all too talented at exploiting). She can be strict and even fierce or demanding if crossed, but if her sympathy is ignited she also caves more easily than might be supposed. Traveling on the Valkyrie Express will be literally completely different from anything she’s ever known, but introducing her to so many new places and cultures should hopefully prove engaging and fun. <3

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